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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lady noxy's Intro


That is a common greeting of my people. It roughly translates to: “My heart hopes it finds yours full of peace and good light this very day.”

I am noxy, Queen of Zimby - a world of wonder and ethereal whimsy. I prefer "Lady noxy" over "Queen noxy". I am uncertain of what I should write, and so I shall begin with some history of my home.

The world of Zimby is large and vast - it consists mostly of forests and lakes. Along the far west border lies Fovohq, home to the Centaurs. The east border is Cadmus, where the Pyrrhus Dragons live. And to the North is Nerida Lake, where Dwarf Narwhals dwell. The cities in our world are the equivalent of countries in other worlds. Carmella is the center, and the city I call home. There are a few more cities besides Carmella, and all cities house the Zimbs.

Many millennia ago, the Zimbs consisted of three diverse races - the Humans, the Wood Elves, and Wood Nymphs. Those three races lived in peace together, with equality. And with each other they found love. The races intertwined. And then, some time later, another race joined.

Far away from Zimby, the Dark Elves - the Drow - inhabit a place called Fil Thicket. They are corrupt beings, but we are fortunate enough that they do not bother with the world of Zimby. Not all Dark Elves approve of the malevolent ways of their people and are, in turn, disowned and rejected by their very kin and all around them. Zimby accepted the shunned Drow with welcome arms, and they too became intertwined with our people.

As a result, no one in Zimby is a pure blooded race, aside from the Dark Elves who found refuge. And, on average, the lifespan of a Zimb is just short of a millennium.

Earth Fairies are also a part of Zimby. They choose to live in our normal trees, among the leaves. Finally, there's Cato Caelius. He's been our resident Unicorn for many, many years.

We have animal farms as well, bred for food: Valais Blacknose Sheep, White Park Cattle, Blonde Mangalitsa, Sumatra Chickens, Heavyweight Chinchilla Rabbits, and Alligator Snapping Turtles.

We have pets too! Almost every Zimb has at least one sugar glider. The gliders love it here. A few of the Earth Fairies even adopted some and ride them around for fun. I have three - Arden, Holt, and Rinji. I have two anguem dragons named Lyra and Riley. Anguem dragons are much, *much* smaller than Pyrrhus Dragons. Anguem dragons have no limbs, very small wings, and only get to be 12-18 inches long. I'm also honored to have Zimby's only phoenix, Calix. He's recently been reborn, so I get the pleasure of experiencing all of his baby years for the first time. He's been with me since I was in my single digits, (he was already full grown) and he was never seen in Zimby before that, so I'm uncertain of how long he's been around. So far it's been lovely. Calix is fascinating as a young bird.

Zimbs love nature, the earth, the sea, the sun and the trees. Growing and caring for bonsai trees is a very popular pastime. It's common practice to grow trees that are not indigenous to Zimby. Every year we have a festival to show the progress of our bonsai trees.

Any tree growing in the ground of Zimby has a 25% chance of growing quicker and in giant proportions. An average home is made by hollowing out a giant tree, which can reach up to 100ft in diameter. How many floors each home has is determined by the original owner, and oft there are up to four homes on top of each other in one tree. The Queen lives in the castle on the edge of Carmella. My home is made of a group of beautiful giant sycamores, grafted together over 4,000 years ago.

The flowers in the city of Carmella are super special. Mostly roses, calla lilies, and daisies, but other types too. And they're all... blue. They got their color as soon as I was crowned Queen. The previous Queen had yellow flowers. The flowers change their shade depending on my mood, which makes me quite transparent in some aspects, but I like it that way. It keeps me honest, and lets Zimbs know when it might not be a good time to speak to me. Haha. The flowers also only sleep when I do, which isn't often, so it's become quite common to see a beautiful blue sunflower in full bloom at 3 in the morning.

The Zimbs of Zimby are full of Magic. In fact, it is their Magic that determines their initial Class rank. The Class ranks range from 1-20, with the Queen and her mate as the only Class 21's. Ranks can change as a Zimb develops their Magic, so there are rarely any Class 1's that *remain* at Class 1. Another way a rank is determined is by that of your mate's. If a Zimb is a rank of 4 and has chosen a mate with Class 8, then they are both now 8. A mate is a Zimb of either gender who is regarded as one's partner, lover, and significant other. Marriage is only optional, although many Zimbs feel marriage is the ultimate commitment.

Another example - as Queen, I am a Class 21. I have chosen a mate, whose rank was 19. He is now the only other 21 and is officially referred to in Zimby as "King Boyfriend". When we get married, his given name will replace "Boyfriend".

To be Queen is not about lineage here in Zimby, it is about Magic. When a King or Queen has reached the end of their rule, any Zimb of any age that are Class 20 have the choice to step forward and be considered. A Zimb can be on the high side or low side of their rank. A ceremony is done where a spell is cast and the Zimbs in Class 20 are sorted within the rank. The Zimb on the highest side of 20 becomes the new ruler. I was still in my double digits when I was crowned Queen, the youngest ever. That was 57 years ago. I'm still considered young by Zimb standards - I'm only 128, less than three moons from my 129th birthday. That should also mean that I'll have the record for longest rule, as it's custom to step down at the end of your 700th year of living.

Class determines options mostly for housing and schooling, which gives a Zimb more opportunities to develop your Magic and rise up. Zimbs love to learn, although deep down, each Zimb is drawn to a certain skill, hobby, job, or ability. Once they find this calling, they find their life source, and will happily work in that field for the rest of their days. For instance, many farmers range anywhere from Class 3 to Class 17, and work happily alongside one another. Zimby doesn't do much with money. Bartering is more our style, or else doing something for kindness is just as good.

As jobs go, the largest ones we have are the farmers that provide us with sustenance, and the miners that provide us with minerals. Zimby is abundant in many minerals. We specialize in Kyanite. As we are a Magical people, we believe in the properties our minerals have, and welcome as much of it in to our lives and others' as possible. There are, of course, more jobs. Teachers, cooks, writers, scholars, inventors, healers, seers, crafters, carpenters, artists, jewelers, guardians... the possibilities are endless. The newest job is a Zimb who's taken to the treetops in order to make certain our Earth Fairies are happy and well. The Pyrrhus Dragons are very skilled in metal work, and happily train any Zimbs interested in taking up the field. The same goes for the Centaurs, who are experts at archery and many other forms of combat. All Zimbs have at least some training in archery.

Oh dear. It seems as if I've let my pen run away from me with all the ideas in my head. I've gone a bit overboard with my explanations. I do apologize and hope you'll regard it as evidence of my love for Zimby and all the Zimbs within. I shall wrap this up. The reason I am writing is personal curiosity. I love to learn of new worlds and universes, and I yearn to learn of yours. I even hope to become good friends, and mayhaps also be considered as family someday.

I am including with my letter, a leaf. Seasons are important in the world of Zimby, and the changing of seasons is cause for celebration. Every year, we collect the first leaves of fall from our trees, and send them as gifts for luck. A First Fall Leaf, intact, is good luck. If the First Fall Leaf you receive is in pieces, it means your luck will change, and the amount of pieces the leaf is in represents how many choices you'll have to make this season.

I hope my letter finds its owner soon. The world of Zimby and I send you our best wishes.

- Lady noxy