About Princess Pen Pals

"What if you could be the ruler of your very own kingdom?
What if you could correspond with other princesses?
This dream became a reality through Princess Pen Pals - a role playing adventure through snail mail!"
                                                                               - Princess Raindrop

Princess Pen Pals are a group of Iggles who role-play as their own Princess* character and write old fashioned snail mail letters to other princesses.

* "Princess" in this case is only a general term. Your character need not necessarily be a princess, it is completely up to you and your imagination.

You create your character and the world that they live in, decide what your character seeks in a pen pal, and write up an introduction letter.

Is your world in trouble? Do you seek help? Or are you simply seeking friendship? Allies?

Then you contact Princess Raindrop via twitter - @Raindrop487, who will find you a princess pen pal to correspond with.

There are many characters within Princess Pen Pals. But behind it all we are Iggles first and foremost. IGGPPC FOREVER.

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