Friday, January 16, 2015

Want to Join this Blog?

Greetings Princesses! Lady noxy here, looking to share this blog. This idea is a work in progress, but hopefully it'll sort out okay.

If you are a Princess Pen Pal and would like to be added as an author to this blog, please tweet me @msnoxy! You'll need to send a DM with your blogger email for me to add you. You may also just leave your blogger mail as a comment to this post if you'd prefer!

You'll get author privileges and get to write whatever posts you'd like that is related to your Princess. The title of each post should start with your Princess name. (or a dedicated initialism for your princess) This should also be used as a label in your post.

Your first post should be saved as a draft only, and should not be published.
It should include a bio (can be a short bio) of your princess, along with any contact information you'd like to share. (twitter name for instance)

I'll then take that information and create a page for you under "Princesses" to the right of this post. I'll be adding links to your blog posts as well. (Click on Lady noxy to the right for an example)

Once you've finished your bio draft, you may post as often as you'd like! Your introduction letter is recommended as a first official blog post, (not including the bio) but from there you may choose to share your storylines with other princesses, or simply write extra tidbits of information about your princess. You could even treat your posts as a diary. It's all up to you!

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